This week I received this letter from Kelly Heck.  Kelly was nominated by our Club to attend the National Youth Science Forum last year.  Earlier this year he gave us a glowing report on his experience and said he hoped to be chosen for an overseas component that is offered to only a handful of the attendees.
"Earlier this year I came and spoke about my experience at the National Youth Science Forum which was made possible by the endorsement of The Rotary Club of Beenleigh. As a result of this program I have recently been accepted to attend the International Science Summer School in Heidelberg. 


This program is a 4 week research based internship in Germany where I'll join 2 other Australian students along with 24 other like minded students from across Europe, Asia and North America. I have been fortunate enough to be placed in a team of 6 to conduct research in the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics under the Quantum Dynamics department which is an area which I am very passionate about. During time I will get to explore German culture while getting great experience with the processes of science based research in quantum systems. I will leave for the program this coming Friday, the 15th. 


None of this would have been possible without the support of The Rotary Club of Beenleigh and so I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for endorsing me throughout my journey.


Best regards,


Kelly Heck"


Congratulations Kelly.