Kaingu, James, Duncan, Edna, Mary, Zulpha and twins Alexis and Alare
Having just spent 5 weeks with the children it is amazing to see how settled and happy they all are living at Fleming McLean Children's Home
(First house at Umoja Project)

Together we created Umoja - Together we save little lives
Little Zulpha, James and Mary came to us from terrible  circumstances. James and Mary were abandoned outside a village. To date no one has come forward to report the children missing, or to come looking for them, which is heartbreaking. We named them James and Mary, and  gave them a birth date each based on the age we thought they were approximately. Hard to imagine I know that a mother would abandon her two children, however a sign of abject poverty in being unable to care for them.
All 3 children were severely malnourished and traumatised, but we are happy to report they are now very settled and happy in their new home and becoming 'little children with bright eyes.'  Zulpha was very developmentally behind for her age, but has now began to crawl.   Contact us to sponsor a child.


In late March return volunteer Rotarian Sharon Kinraid and Sarah Jardin-Smith arrived in Kenya.  A lot had changed since Sharon had been at the project in January 2014.  Sharon and Sarah spent their time in the children's home working with the House Aunties doing daily chores and cooking as well as playing and interacting with the children. The children and House Aunties just loved having them around each day. We thank them both for their time and work with us, and for the large amount of clothing and donations they brought with them.  Also to Sarah for raising funds at her workplace in Western Australia which she presented to Manager Patrick.
We also visited another orphanage north of Mombasa which has been open for 10 years. Over 70 children reside at this wonderful home. Sarah and Sharon also assisted feeding just under 2000 hungry children on one Sunday at a children's feeding station.  It was indeed an eye opener for Sarah and was quite overwhelming for her to see so many hungry children who had walked for kilometres with no shoes carrying younger siblings to be fed.
Culmination of our volunteer tours is a well earned safari experience. The volunteers visited 3 safari parks Tsavo East, Tsavo West and Amboseli National Parks on a 6 day 5 night experience, where they were treated to the amazing African wildlife. Somehow I think they will be back. Another 29 volunteers will be heading to work at the project in September and November.